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Where can I obtain my CNA training? ?

I am from Kentucky, and I was wondering if there were any alternatives to getting your nurse aide training through a nursing home? I would really rather take it through somewhere else, like a hospital or something. What is the …

do anyone know where i can get free nurse aide training in philly?

I’m really trying to find a job that pays something while i finish school

Asked by:GI Gi

Does Online courses for Nursing really work?

I work full time and nursing classes usually are during the day and right now it is “busy season” and can not change schedules. I wanted to see if any one has accually done an online school for nursing or …

Any Licensed Practical Nurses out there who had good training and love their career choice?

I am planning to start LPN school in the Fall. I have been interested in the nursing field for many years. I find that the LPN program offers me the education and training I need to enter into the world …

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