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Okay so I have a solid B in math right now. I am planning on going to a top ten nursing schools?

I need to know if there are any other math in nursing other than basic and Dosage Calculations. Also I am only 13 and started school a year early and am in Geometry in 8th Grade. Sooooo will this hurt …

Has anyone studied nursing at Kings College or St. George’s Medical School in London?

I am a bit dubious about applying for London as the hospitals are quite far apart and I am worried about costs of living. My main concern, however is if the quality of the training is better than if I …

Top Nursing Programs in CA?

I am currently a high school senior and I’ve decided that I want to be a nurse. The thing is, I have no clue where I want to go. I have been accepted to the University of San Francisco, but …

Top 5 Nursing Schools in UK?

Does anyone know the top 5 schools to get a Bachelor of Nursing in England? If not, is there a site I can go to to get a ranking of the nursing schools in england?

Asked by:Scammi

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