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LPN training school program?

Can someone tell me what the LPN training program is like and if I was to go to school part time or fulltime would i be able to work part time/fulltime. Also what are the working hours usually for someone …

I don’t know why there isn’t an online/correspondent courses for lpn/lvn, then go to skills training.

There is a correspondence (books) study program for EMT and Fireman, then they go to skills training and exams. Where I live, its very difficult to get into any nursing program, because so competitive. I don’t know what to do, …

what is the easiest way to become a lpn in pursuit of being a Rn?

every time i go to different schools or go onto the internet i get different answers or get offered online schools which i do not want. Is there a specific thing you should be asking if some schools don’t actually …

where in saint louis missouri is there a nurses aide class?

is there a facility that will hire you and train you as a nurse aide? give locations near zip coed 63114

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