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what training do i need to become a nursing aide?

i want to apply to a nursing home for nursing aide. but im still in high school. Do i have to graduate from high school or do i just need to be 18. my moms friend told me to just …

Taking online Courses to complete Pre-Requisites for LPN nursing?

I want to save time by completing my Pre-requisite classes to qualify for LPN program online. What of these classes have you taken and think would be too difficult online? Why?
Anatomy Physiology, Biology, Math for Health Sciences, Human Nutrition.…

what’s the top 10 nursing schools in the US?

the latest rankings please.

Asked by:zaizai_sn

can a nurses aide train new employees?

can a nurses aide who has been on the job for about 4 monthe be able to train new employees.the person is in class to be certified.but is it state approval.

Asked by:Kathy R

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