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Should I find a top nursing school to go to or should I just enroll in the cheapest program around?

I’m finishing a degree in accounting and I’ll be finished in in or less years. I’m thinking about enrolling in an accelerated BSN program after I finish this degree. I keep seeing a lot of different ads for accelerated BSN …

Looking for a CNA training program in the Bay Area – any suggestions?

I am going to school to become a Nurse, but while I am completing my classes I would also like to work in a setting in my field. CNA . Nurse Aide seems like the best way to work in …

Top Nursing Colleges / Schools in the US?

If anyone has went to any great nursing college or school let me know the name and where it’s at. Also, I would like to get a BSN in nursing so a 4 year or equivalent would be great.
I’m …

Michigan nurses: What training program is required to become a CENA (home health aide)?

Thanks very much for your time and information!

Asked by:kmm4864990

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