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What is a hospital based training diploma program for nursing and how does it work? I can’t find the info.

I’m looking for one of those programs where the hospital trains you and then you work for them when your training is done. I have not been able to find much information on this, unless I didn’t realize I had the answer. Anyhow, if anyone has info on this it would be greatly appreciated. I have already done a good majority of classes needed for nursing (LPN/RN) at college already, getting tired of their timelines though.

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Yale or Columbia nursing?

I just got accepted into both programs in Nursing. I am very excited because they are both very prestigious schools. But I cannot come to a conclusion! I need to very soon.

Yale is ranked among the top 10 nursing schools, Columbia is not. However, many people have said to go to NY because there are many great hospitals where you can study and work. Moving to CT would be a nice change since I already live near NY and know what it is like. Yale is more selective (thier admissions is a bit more rigorous and they except about half the amount of students Columbia does). Yale also offers a globabl public health program for nurses while columbia doesn’t. Global health is key to my endeavors. However, Yale doesn’t guarantee that every student interested would be able to go and study health abroad. I am not sure what that is like with Columbia though. There is so much to consider!! Any help would be much appreciated….so which one!?!

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anyone who is a us citizen and taking up nursing in the philippines?

I am a us citizen, currently working as a LVN and planning to go back to pinas to finish my RN degree…good idea or not? any school you can recommend, doesnt have to be top nursing school…any idea of how long will it take to finish it? since im a us citizen, do i need to apply for another visa again to go to school in PI? can just anyone give me some pointers of my plan pleasee! need help!…thanks a lot in advance!!!! hope ill get some good ideas from here!

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Is there a age limit to participate in a LPN training program?

? Thanks

any answers are appreciated 🙂

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